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Welcome to CMon Yaaron (कमऑन  यारों) , an easy-to-understand online learning platform with courses in Hindi & English to enable youth in India to become high earning freelancers and entrepreneurs in the creative fields of video & photo.

Our courses are focused on business & marketing principles, video production techniques and motivation & soft skills needed for a successful and satisfying career in video & photo.
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What Is Special About CMon Yaaron?

India's only online learning platform exclusively focused on the creative fields of video & photo

Courses specifically designed to teach the business of freelance video & photo

Real-life based learning and easy to understand content in Hindi & English

Courses designed for both self-employment as well as entrepreneurship

Choice of free and premium courses for freelancers and professionals

Affordable mini courses that can be taken online anytime, anywhere

Our Courses are for

  • Those who want to make videos as their business or a profession
  • Those who already make videos as their business or a profession
  • Those who want to make videos for their business or profession

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About the Mentor

did what most kids in my era did: engineering ,MBA and then found a well-paying job in IT. But somewhere along this path, I realised that I was rather unremarkable in my corporate career. I craved for creative pursuits and decided to take up photography and videography which in turn became a full-time profession- my second career so to speak.

I love cameras, travelling and shooting with them, interacting with the youth and presenting my ideas at various forums. Today I make documentary films for my clients and run a video production company which I started in 2016. Recently, I took up the added role of an Online educator and a motivator through my platform C’Mon Yaaron Read More

Rohan Potdar

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